1. Undertaking Name

DGARDemandGuaranteeUndertaking is a demand guarantee.
STBYStandbyLetterOfCreditUndertaking is a standby letter of credit.
SURESuretyUndertaking is a surety.

2. Undertaking Type

APAYAdvancePaymentUndertaking in support of an advance payment obligation.
COMMCommercialUndertaking in support of a commercial obligation.
CUSTCustomsUndertaking in support of a customs duty obligation.
DPAYDirectPayUndertaking representing the primary means of payment.
FINCFinancialUndertaking in support of a financial obligation.
INSUInsuranceUndertaking in support of a insurance obligation.
IRBOIndustrialRevenueBoardUndertaking in support of an Industrial Revenue Board (IRB) obligation.
MAINMaintenanceUndertaking in support of a maintenance obligation.
PAYMPaymentUndertaking in support of a payment obligation.
PERFPerformanceUndertaking in support of a performance obligation.
RETNRetentionUndertaking in support of a monetary retention obligation.
SHIPShippingUndertaking in support of a sea transportation obligation.
TENDTenderOrBidUndertaking in support of a tender or bid obligation.
WARRWarrantyUndertaking in support of a warranty obligation.
RENTRentalUndertaking in support of a rental agreement.
CLAMClaimUndertaking is a claim.

3. Undertaking Party

ADVPAdvisingPartyParty advising the undertaking.
ANYBAnyBankAny bank.
APPLApplicantParty named in the undertaking as the “applicant”.
BENEBeneficiaryParty in whose favour the undertaking (or counter-undertaking) is issued.
CONFConfirmationPartyParty that adds its undertaking to honour the undertaking.
CUB2SecondCounterUndertakingBeneficiaryBeneficiary of the second counter-undertaking.
CUB3ThirdCounterUndertakingBeneficiaryBeneficiary of the third counter-undertaking.
ISSUIssuerParty that issues the undertaking.
OBLGObligorParty obligated to reimburse the issuer.
ORDROrderingPartyParty requested to issue an undertaking on behalf of the applicant. Also known as the ordering institution or applicant's bank.
PRESPresentingPartyParty nominated to receive presentation.
SADVSecondAdvisingPartySecond advising party.
SPECSpecifiedAddressParty located at specified address.
IRUPIrrevocableReimbursementUndertakingPartyParty named as Irrevocable Reimbursement Undertaking Party
LISBLocalIssuerBankParty named as (Requested) Local Issuer Bank for counter-guarantees.

4. Address Type

ADDRPostalAddress is the complete postal address.
PBOXPOBoxAddress is a postal office (PO) box.
HOMEResidentialAddress is the home address.
BIZZBusinessAddress is the business address.
MLTOMailToAddress is the address to which mail is sent.
DLVYDeliveryToAddress is the address to which delivery is to take place.

5. Organisation Id

ABICAnyBICISO 9362, Business Identification Code
LEICLEI codeISO 17422, Legal Entity Identifier
BANKBankPartyIdentificationUnique and unambiguous assignment made by a specific bank or similar financial institution to identify a relationship as defined between the bank and its client.
CBIDCentral Bank Identification NumberA unique identification number assigned by a central bank to identify an organisation.
CHIDClearing Identification NumberA unique identification number assigned by a clearing house to identify an organisation
CINCCertificateOfIncorporationNumberA unique identification number assigned by a designated authority to a certificate of incorporation and used to identify an organisation.
COIDCountryIdentificationCodeCountry authority given organisation identification (e.g., corporate registration number)
CUSTCustomerNumberNumber assigned by an issuer to identify a customer.
Number assigned by a party to identify a creditor or debtor relationship.
DUNSData Universal Numbering SystemA unique identification number provided by Dun & Bradstreet to identify an organisation.
EMPLEmployerIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by a registration authority to an employer.
GS1GGS1GLNIdentifierGlobal Location Number. A non-significant reference number used to identify legal entities, functional entities, or physical entities according to GS1 numbering scheme rules.The number is used to retrieve detailed information that is linked to it.
SRENSIRENThe SIREN number is a 9 digit code assigned by INSEE, the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, to identify an organisation in France.
SRETSIRETThe SIRET number is a 14 digit code assigned by INSEE, the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, to identify an organisation unit in France. It consists of the SIREN number, followed by a five digit classification number, to identify the local geographical unit of that entity
TXIDTaxIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by a tax authority to identify an organisation.
LCIDLocalIdentificationLocal, national organisation identification

6. Private Person Id

DATEDateAndPlaceOfBirthDate and place of birth of a person
ARNUAlienRegistrationNumberNumber assigned by a social security agency to identify a non-resident person.
CCPTPassportNumberNumber assigned by an authority to identify the passport number of a person.
CUSTCustomerIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by an issuer to identify a customer.
DRLCDriversLicenseNumberNumber assigned by an authority to identify a driver's license.
EMPLEmployeeIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by a registration authority to an employee.
NIDNNationalIdentityNumberNumber assigned by an authority to identify the national identity number of a person.
SOSESocialSecurityNumberNumber assigned by an authority to identify the social security number of a person.
TXIDTaxIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by a tax authority to identify a person.

7. Name Prefix

DOCTDoctorTitle of the person is Doctor or Dr.
MADMMadamTitle of the person is Madam.
MISSMissTitle of the person is Miss.
MISTMisterTitle of the person is Mister or Mr.
MIKSGenderNeutralTitle of the person is gender neutral (Mx).
GROUGroupTitle of the contact is a group address (email or similar)
PLTFPlatformTitle is an identifier at used platform

8. Applicable Rule

ISPRInternationalStandbyPracticesThe version of the International Standby Practices (ISP)
that is in effect on the date of issue of the undertaking.
NONENoneNo applicable rule set defined.
UCPRUniformCustomsAndPracticeThe version of the Uniform Customs and Practice for
Documentary Credits (UCP) as published by the
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that is in
effect on the date of issue of the undertaking.
URDGUniformRulesForDemandGuaranteesThe version of the ICC Uniform Rules For Demand
Guarantees (URDG) as published by the International
Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that is in effect on the date
of issue of the undertaking.

9. Underlying Transaction Type

CONTContractUnderlying transaction is a contract.
DELVDeliveryOrderUnderlying transaction is a delivery order.
PROFProformaInvoiceUnderlying transaction is a proforma invoice.
PROJProjectUnderlying transaction is a project.
PUORPurchaseOrderUnderlying transaction is a purchase order.
QUOTQuotationUnderlying transaction is a quotation.
TENDTenderUnderlying transaction is a tender.

10. Presentation Medium

BOTHPaperElectronicPresentation is made on paper and/or electronically.
ELECElectronicPresentation is made electronically.
PAPRPaperPresentation is made on paper.

11. Delivery Method

COURCourierDelivery by courier.
EMALEmailTransmission by e-mail.
FAXIFaxTransmission by fax.
MESSMessengerDelivery by messenger.
POSTPostDelivery by postal service.
REGMRegisteredMailDelivery by registered mail services.
SEMASecureEmailTransfer via secure e-mail.
SWFASWIFTNetFileActTransmission by SWIFTNet FileAct.
SWIASWIFTNetInterActTransmission by SWIFTNet InterAct.
SWMXSWIFTMXTransmission by SWIFTNet.
TELETelecommunicationTransmission by telecommunications service.
WEBMWebUploadDownloadAvailable via Web upload/download

12. Undertaking Account Type

OBLIObligorLiabilityThe bank account is for Obligor liabilities.
OBCHObligorChargesThe bank account is for Obligor charges.
OBSEObligorSettlementsThe bank account is for Obligor settlements.

13. Undertaking Document Type

BENSBeneficiaryStatementDocument is a beneficiary statement.
CINVCommercialInvoiceDocument is an invoice.
CLAFClaimFormDocument is a claim form.
DEMDDemandDocument is an undertaking demand.
TRAFTransferFormDocument is a transfer form.
EMALEMAILDocument is an eMail.

14. Document Format

DPDFAdobe PDFDocument format is PDF.
DXMLeXtended Markup LanguageDocument format is XML.
SDSHSpreadsheetDocument format is a spreadsheet.
WORDWordDocument format is Word.
XSLT Extensible Stylesheet Language TransformationsDocument format is XSLT.
TXTFText fileDocument format is text file.
ZIPFZip fileDocument or Document set is a zipped file

15. Bank Account Type

IBANInternational Bank Account NumberThe bank account is International Bank Account Number
BBANBasic Bank Account NumberThe bank account is Basic Bank Account Number
OTHROther Bank Account NumberThe bank account is Other type of Bank Account Number
PRXYProxy/alias to Bank Account NumberThe bank account is Proxy / Alias referring to Bank Account Number

16. Undertaking Issuance Type

CRQCCounterUndertakingRequestForCounterUndertakingCounter-undertaking issued to a correspondent with a request to issue another counter-undertaking.
CRQLCounterUndertakingRequestForLocalUndertakingCounter-undertaking issued to a correspondent with a request to issue a local undertaking.
ISADUndertakingViaAdvisingPartyUndertaking issued to the beneficiary via an advising party.
ISCOUndertakingIssuedViaConfirmingPartyUndertaking issued to the beneficiary via a confirming
ISSUUndertakingIssuedDirectUndertaking issued direct to the beneficiary.

17. Termination Reason Type

BUFIUnderlyingBusinessFinishedReason for termination is underlying business has finished.
NOACTenderNonAcceptanceReason for termination is non-acceptance of a tender.
REFUReductionTermsFulfilledReason for termination is reduction terms have been fulfilled.
WOEXWarrantyObligationPeriodExpiredReason for termination is warranty obligation period has expired.

18. Narrative Type

ADDIAdditionalTermsAndConditionsNarrative text describing the additional terms and conditions.
APPLAppliedTermsAndConditionsNarrative text describing the original application terms and conditions.
CHARChargeDetailsNarrative text describing the charge details.
DRAWDrawingDetailsNarrative text describing the drawing details.
PRASProceedsAssignableNarrative text describing the assignment of proceeds terms and conditions.
TEFFTermsOfEffectivenessNarrative text describing the terms of effectiveness.
TRNFTransferNarrative text describing the transfer terms and conditions.
TVARTermsOfVariationNarrative text describing the terms of variation.
STNDStandard Terms & ConditionsNarrative text with standard text or link to standard terms & conditions reference

19. Life-Cycle Type

APPLApplicationUndertaking Application
ISSUIssuanceUndertaking Issuance
AMNDAmendmentUndertaking Amendment
NEXTNon-ExtensionUndertaking Non-Extension
TERMTerminationUndertaking Termination
DMNDDemandUndertaking Demand
EXPAExtendOrPayUndertaking Extend or Pay
INSTInstructionInstruction between two undertaking parties
DRFTDraftDrafting an undertaking

20. Status Type

AMTCCounterUndertakingAmountChangeChange to counter-undertaking amount.
AMTUUndertakingAmountChangeChange to undertaking amount.
NCONNonConfirmationUndertaking not confirmed.
WTHDWithdrawnDemand has been withdrawn.

21. Charges Type

TRFCTransferChargesCharge for transfer
CONCConfirmationChargesCharge for confirmation
ACCPAcceptanceChargesCharges for acceptance
ADVCAdviceChargesCharges for advising
AMNDAmendmentChargesCharges for amendment
CMTCCommitmentChargesCharges for commitment
CORRCorrespondentChargesCharges for correspondent
COURCourierChargesCharges for courier
DEFPDeferredPaymentChargesCharges for deferred payment
DSCRDiscrepanciesChargesCharges for discrepancies
FORFForfaitingChargesCharges for forfaiting
HNDLHandlingChargesCharges for handling
INSUInsurancePremiumPremium for insurance
MISCMiscellaneousChargesMiscellaneous Charges
NEGONegotationChargesCharges for negotiation
NOTFNotificationChargesCharges for notification
OBSRObservationChargesCharges for observation
PMNTPaymentChargesCharges for payment
POSTPostageChargesCharges for postage
PRADPreadviceChargesCharges for pre-advice
REIMReimburesementChargesCharges for reimbursement
SWFTSwiftChargesCharges for Swift

22. Demand Type

PAEXPayOrExtendPay or Extend
PAYMPayOnlyPay Only

23. Expiry Type


24. Collateral Type

OTHROther facility / collateralOther facility / collateral