1. Life-Cycle Types

APPLApplicationDocumentary credit application
ISSUIssuanceDocumentary credit issuance
ADVAAdviceAdvice of a Documentary Credit
AMNDAmendmentDocumentary credit amendment
DRANDraftNotificationBank to Customer draft notification
AMNRAmendmentRequestCustomer to Bank request for amendment
AMNNAmendmentNotificationBank to Customer amendment notification
AMNAAmendmentAcceptanceBank to Customer amendment acceptance notification
DSCADiscrepancyAdviceBank to Customer advice for discrepancy
DSCRDiscrepancyResponseCustomer to Bank advice response
PAYAPaymentAdviceBank to Customer payment advice
ACCAAcceptAdviceBank to Customer accept advice
NEGANegotiationAdviceBank to Customer negotiation advice
DICADischargeAdviceBank to Customer discharge advice
REFARefusalAdviceBank to Customer refusal advice
IMPAImportPaymentSettlementBank to Customer import payment settlement advice
CREACreditAdviceBank to Customer credit advice
CONAConfirmationAdviceBank to Customer confirmation advice
3RDAThirdBankAdviceBank to Customer third bank advice
PRESPresentationResponseBank to Customer presentation response
DCPRDiscrepantPresentationCustomer to Bank discrepant presentation response
AUTAAuthorisationAdviceAutohorisation Advice notification
TRFRTransferRequestCustomer to Bank transfer request
TRFATransferAdviceBank to Customer transfer advice
TRFNTransferNotificationBank to Customer transfer notification
EXPAExportPaymentSettlementBank to Customer export payment settlement advice
PREAPreAdvicePre-advice of a documentary credit
ACKNAcknowledgementAcknowledgement of any documentary credit life-cycle event
RMBAReimbursementAuthorisationReimbursement authorisation for the reimbursing agent
RMBCReimbursementClaimReimbursement claim to the agent authorised to reimburse
RMBNReimbursementNonConfirmingNotice of Non-Conforming Reimbursement Claim
RMAMReimbursementAmendmentAmendment to an Authorisation to Reimburse

2. Documentary Credit Party

ADVPAdvisingPartyParty advising the documentary credit.
ANYBAnyBankAny bank.
APPLApplicantDocumentary credit applicant.
APPAApplicantsPartyApplicant's party (Bank), if different than Issuing bank (Issuer)
BENEBeneficiaryParty in whose favour the documentary credit (or counter-documentary credit) is issued.
CONFConfirmationPartyParty that adds its documentary credit to honour the documentary credit.
ISSUIssuingPartyParty that issues the documentary credit.
SADVSecondAdvisingPartySecond advising party.
SPECSpecifiedAddressParty located at specified address.
IRUPIrrevocableReimbursementdocumentary creditPartyParty named as Irrevocable Reimbursement documentary credit Party
PAYIPayingPartyParty managing the documentary credit payment
ACCPAcceptingPartyPerty managing the documentary credit acceptance
NEGONegotiatingPartyParty managing the documentary credit negotiation
DRAWDraweeDrawee of the drafts to be drawn under the documentary credit.

3. Applicable Rule

UCPUniformCustomsAndPracticeThe version of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) as published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that is in effect on the date of issue of the documentary credit.
UCPURRUCPReimbursementsThe version of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) as published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that is in effect on the date of issue of the documentary credit including Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements.
EUCPUCPEPresentationsThe version of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) for electronic Presentations as published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that is in effect on the date of issue of the documentary credit.
EUCPURREUCPReimbursementsThe version of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) for electronic Presentations as published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that is in effect on the date of issue of the documentary credit including Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements.

4. Address Types

ADDRPostalAddress is the complete postal address.
PBOXPOBoxAddress is a postal office (PO) box.
HOMEResidentialAddress is the home address.
BIZZBusinessAddress is the business address.
MLTOMailToAddress is the address to which mail is sent.
DLVYDeliveryToAddress is the address to which delivery is to take place.

5. Organisation Id

ABICAnyBICISO 9362, Business Identification Code
LEICLEI codeISO 17422, Legal Entity Identifier
BANKBankPartyIdentificationUnique and unambiguous assignment made by a specific bank or similar financial institution to identify a relationship as defined between the bank and its client.
CBIDCentral Bank Identification NumberA unique identification number assigned by a central bank to identify an organisation.
CHIDClearing Identification NumberA unique identification number assigned by a clearing house to identify an organisation
CINCCertificateOfIncorporationNumberA unique identification number assigned by a designated authority to a certificate of incorporation and used to identify an organisation.
COIDCountryIdentificationCodeCountry authority given organisation identification (e.g., corporate registration number)
CUSTCustomerNumberNumber assigned by an issuer to identify a customer.
Number assigned by a party to identify a creditor or debtor relationship.
DUNSData Universal Numbering SystemA unique identification number provided by Dun & Bradstreet to identify an organisation.
EMPLEmployerIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by a registration authority to an employer.
GS1GGS1GLNIdentifierGlobal Location Number. A non-significant reference number used to identify legal entities, functional entities, or physical entities according to GS1 numbering scheme rules.The number is used to retrieve detailed information that is linked to it.
SRENSIRENThe SIREN number is a 9 digit code assigned by INSEE, the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, to identify an organisation in France.
SRETSIRETThe SIRET number is a 14 digit code assigned by INSEE, the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, to identify an organisation unit in France. It consists of the SIREN number, followed by a five digit classification number, to identify the local geographical unit of that entity
TXIDTaxIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by a tax authority to identify an organisation.
LCIDLocalIdentificationLocal, national organisation identification

6. Private Person Id

DATEDateAndPlaceOfBirthDate and place of birth of a person
ARNUAlienRegistrationNumberNumber assigned by a social security agency to identify a non-resident person.
CCPTPassportNumberNumber assigned by an authority to identify the passport number of a person.
CUSTCustomerIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by an issuer to identify a customer.
DRLCDriversLicenseNumberNumber assigned by an authority to identify a driver's license.
EMPLEmployeeIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by a registration authority to an employee.
NIDNNationalIdentityNumberNumber assigned by an authority to identify the national identity number of a person.
SOSESocialSecurityNumberNumber assigned by an authority to identify the social security number of a person.
TXIDTaxIdentificationNumberNumber assigned by a tax authority to identify a person.

7. Name Prefix

DOCTDoctorTitle of the person is Doctor or Dr.
MADMMadamTitle of the person is Madam.
MISSMissTitle of the person is Miss.
MISTMisterTitle of the person is Mister or Mr.
MIKSGenderNeutralTitle of the person is gender neutral (Mx).
GROUGroupTitle of the contact is a group address (email or similar)
PLTFPlatformTitle is an identifier at used platform

8. Additional Amount Types

INTRInterestInterest amount
FRGTFreightFreight amount
INSUInsuranceInsurance amount
OTHROtherOther amount

9. Available By Types

ACCPAcceptanceThe credit is available by acceptance
DEFPDefPaymentThe credit is available by def payment
MXDPMixedPaymentThe credit is available by mixed payment
NEGONegotiationThe credit is available by negotiation
PAYMPaymentThe credit is available by payment
OTHROtherThe credit is available by other terms

10. Shipment Exception Types

ALLOAllowedPartial shipment or transhipment is allowed
CONDConditionalPartial shipment or transhipment is conditional
NOTANotAllowedPartial shipment or transhipment is not allowed

11. Issuance Types

IRVCIrrevocableThe documentary credit is irrevocable
IRTRIrrevocableTransferableThe documentary credit is irrevocable and transferable

12. Underlying Transaction Types

CONTContractUnderlying transaction is a contract.
DELVDeliveryOrderUnderlying transaction is a delivery order.
PROJProjectUnderlying transaction is a project.
PUORPurchaseOrderUnderlying transaction is a purchase order.
QUOTQuotationUnderlying transaction is a quotation.
TENDTenderUnderlying transaction is a tender.

13. Presentation Medium

BOTHPaperElectronicPresentation is made on paper and/or electronically.
ELECElectronicPresentation is made electronically.
PAPRPaperPresentation is made on paper.

14. Documentary Credit Document Types

BENSBeneficiaryStatementBeneficiary Statement.
CINVCommercialInvoiceCommercial Invoice
CLAFClaimFormClaim Form
DEMDDemandUndertaking Demand
TRAFTransferFormTransfer Form
WAREWarehouseReceiptWarehouse Receipt
CEOOCertificateOfOriginCertificate Of Origin
PACKPackingListPacking List
BOLABillOfLadingBill of Lading
CGDECustomsGoodsDeclarationCustoms/Goods Declaration
INSCInsuranceCertificationInsurance Certification
AICMAirCargoManifestAir Cargo Manifest
AIWBAirwayBillAirway Bill
BEXCBillOfExchangeBill of Exchange
PRONPromissoryNotePromissory Note
CINSCargoInsuranceCargo Insurance Document
CUSBCustomsBondCustoms Bond
ECSIExportCargoShippingInstructionExport Cargo Shipping Instruction
LETCLetterOfCreditLetter of Credit
PMTCPaymentConfirmationPayment Confirmation
PUROPurchaseOrderPurchase Order
CIMNRailConsigmentNoteRail Consignment (CIM) Note
CMRNRoadConsignmentNoteRoad Consignment (CMR) Note
SECMSeaCargoManifestSea Cargo Manifest
SEWBSeaWaybillSea Waybill
SHDOShipsDeliveryOrderShip’s Delivery Order

15. Delivery Method

COURCourierDelivery by courier.
EMALEmailTransmission by e-mail.
FAXIFaxTransmission by fax.
MESSMessengerDelivery by messenger.
POSTPostDelivery by postal service.
REGMRegisteredMailDelivery by registered mail services.
SEMASecureEmailTransfer via secure e-mail.
SWFASWIFTNetFileActTransmission by SWIFTNet FileAct.
SWIASWIFTNetInterActTransmission by SWIFTNet InterAct.
SWMXSWIFTMXTransmission by SWIFTNet.
TELETelecommunicationTransmission by telecommunications service.
WEBMWebUploadDownloadAvailable via Web upload/download

16. Document Format

DPDFAdobe PDFDocument format is PDF.
DXMLeXtended Markup LanguageDocument format is XML.
SDSHSpreadsheetDocument format is a spreadsheet.
WORDWordDocument format is Word.
XSLT Extensible Stylesheet Language TransformationsDocument format is XSLT.
TXTFText fileDocument format is text file.
ZIPFZip FormatDocument or document set format is a zip file

17. Charges Types

AGNTAgentAgent's Commission
COMMOurCommissionOur Commission
CORCCorrespondentCommissionOur Correspondent's Commission
DISCCommercialDiscountCommercial Discount
INSUInsurancePremiumInsurance Premium
POSTPostageOur Postage
STMPStampDutyStamp Duty
TELETelecommunication Telecommunication
WRHOWharfingWarehouseWharfing and warehouse
INSPInsurance premiumInsurance premium
OTHROtherOther charges

18. Status Codes

NCONNonConfirmationNot confirmed.

19. Bank Account Purpose

LBLTLiabilityThe bank account is for liabilities.
CHRGChargesThe bank account is for charges.
STLMSettlementsThe bank account is for settlements.

20. Bank Account Types

IBANInternational Bank Account NumberThe bank account is International Bank Account Number
BBANBasic Bank Account NumberThe bank account is Basic Bank Account Number
OTHROther Bank Account NumberThe bank account is Other type of Bank Account Number
PRXYProxy/alias to Bank Account NumberThe bank account is Proxy / Alias referring to Bank Account Number

21. Confirmation Codes

CONFComfirmThe Receiver is requested to confirm the credit
MAYAMay addThe Receiver may add its confirmation to the credit
WOUTWithoutThe Receiver is not requested to confirm the credit

22. Transportation Types

AIRTAirAir transport
SEATSeas Sea transport
RAILRailwayRailway transport
ROADRoadRoad transport

23. INCO Term Codes

EXWEx WorksEx Works
FCAFree CarrierFree Carrier
CPTCarriage Paid ToCarriage Paid To
CIPCarriage and Insurance Paid toCarriage and Insurance Paid to
DAPDelivered At PlaceDelivered At Place
DPUDelivered at Place UnloadedDelivered at Place Unloaded
DDPDelivered Duty PaidDelivered Duty Paid
FASFree Alongside ShipFree Alongside Ship
FOBFree On BoardFree On Board
CFRCost and FreightCost and Freight
CIFCost, Insurance and FreightCost, Insurance and Freight